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Our SEO marketing strategy is time-tested and tailored to the unique elements of your business. We’ve spent the last 23 years leveraging the internet to grow all kinds of businesses, so whether you’re a roofer, lawyer, or foundation repair company, we have the experience and knowledge to take your business to the next level!

Professional SEO Marketing Company

Your Social Media Experts features a broad array of SEO marketing services to accommodate different businesses in different situations. Our solutions are scalable to accommodate each client’s specific needs to ensure the most cost-effective and productive SEO marketing services available. Your Social Media Experts service companies ranging from Fortune 500 to SOHO and everything in between. We are a world-class leader in the SEO industry, and with 20 years of continuous operation, we are older than Google. We offer SEO marketing services beyond the capability of our competitors, featuring industry-leading performance guarantees and no time-based commitment.

We build comprehensive SEO campaigns that address all key elements of SEO including expertly executed content optimization, technical SEO, off-site SEO, business citations, and Google My Business listings. Search ranking improvements will be seen within the first month of service, with long-term help to grow your business. We are also dedicated to customer service and will offer a dedicated account manager to work and collaborate with you. Your account manager will be easy to access and will respond quickly to your communications.

Your Social Media Experts strive to be a beacon of light in the SEO industry, and our
services are priced at a level anyone can afford. With an industry-leading guarantee, we ensure that your website will see organic ranking and traffic increases through an effective, white-hat approach.

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Our SEO Services

Local SEO
Your Social Media Experts' Local SEO marketing services are designed to assist small to medium sized businesses that service a region ranging from a local community to several states. Our local SEO service concentrates on gaining keyword rankings for service-related keywords when combined with a local city. For example: “Nashville Dentist” or “Dallas HVAC.” Includes local business citation building and GMB listings.

National SEO
Your Social Media Experts' Small Business SEO services are designed to assist small to
medium-sized businesses that service a local or national community. Unlike our Local SEO marketing services, this solution will target both national and local search rankings.

For example: “Online Pawn” or “Colorado Pawn Shops.” Includes business citations from national and local sources and Google My Business listings.

Corporate SEO
Our Corporate SEO services are designed to assist Corporate interests operating on a
national and/or international scale, or complex local operations. Corporate websites tend to be larger (dozens to hundreds of pages) or a conglomerate of multiple businesses.

Competitive national keyword phrases are targeted, for example: “401k Administration” or “structural monitoring.”

Why Our SEO Services Are the Best ✅

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✅ Keyword Research

After taking into account the unique aspects of your business and website content, our SEO team compiles a list of words and phrases that people are searching for to find what you’re selling. Then we place those keywords on your website in order to drive traffic and increase rankings.

✅ Technical SEO

Our experienced SEO team will check your website for any functionality issues that may affect the user experience, such as site speed, mobile friendliness, SSL security, and more! We will then make recommendations to help you create the optimum user experience on your site.

✅ Content Optimization

After we find the best, most fitting keywords for your website, we seamlessly and strategically integrate those keywords into your website content. This pulls your site further up the search engine results page, putting you above the competition and in front of potential customers!

✅ Link Building

Our skilled digital marketing agents get your website listed in the most popular and
relevant online directories. We also get your business listed in voice recognition registries, like Apple’s Siri, as well as mobile and GPS databases, so customers can find you no matter how or where they’re searching!
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✅ On-Page SEO

To improve your search engine rankings, we plug the optimal keywords into your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, and content. We will also make content recommendations, including suggestions for additional content or flagging duplicate or devalued content for change or removal.

✅ Off-Page SEO

Our off-page SEO services include managing and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing so customers can easily find your business on the web. We ensure that your listing is as complete as possible so that Google has every reason to show your GMB instead of the competition!

✅ eCommerce SEO

Running an online store? Our team has performed SEO on many eCommerce websites, so we have the experience to get yours noticed, too! From category pages to individual products, we can develop a robust SEO strategy that will help boost sales across your entire inventory.

✅ Lead Tracking

Through the use of tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we can accurately track the source of leads from paid advertisements, SEO, and social networks. We are committed to helping you get the data you need to put your marketing money where it counts!

Our Process – Why Ongoing SEO?

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Our main deliverable to you is to demonstrate monthly ranking growth. We have a performance guarantee to fulfill that ensures that there is growth. In order to fulfill our guarantee, we have a “whatever it takes” mentality when addressing ongoing SEO services. We look at what the website needs at that moment to ensure that we hit our performance guarantee. It could be additional business listings, building SEO landing pages, fixing technical site issues (like dupe content or a bad robots.txt file), improving the Google My Business listings, and so on. There are dozens of tasks that can be tackled on a month-to-month basis, and we decide what the website needs most at that time to best improve rankings. This is a big part of our success because most SEO firms fix some rigid schedule which generally includes working on things that are not broken, wasting time, and not helping with results. Since we are savvy with technical SEO, we can better diagnose where our time is best spent.

1. Campaign Setup
Your dedicated account manager will ensure that your website is secure and prepped for optimization, as well as work with you to plan out the right location targeting and keyword research.

2. Optimization
Our SEO team will work its magic, performing keyword research and implementing those keywords in strategic places throughout your website in order to increase rankings.

3. Link Building
We will ensure your business is included in online directories, mobile, voice, and GPS databases, as well as other registries to ensure ultimate visibility on multiple platforms.

4. Communications
Your dedicated account manager will provide timely updates and reports throughout your campaign and will respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have.

5. Campaign Review
We will work closely with you to monitor your campaign, provide updates, and make recommendations to improve search engine performance based on available data.

6. Technical Review
At the beginning and as your campaign progresses, our SEO team will evaluate the technical and usability aspects of your website, such as site speed, mobile friendliness, and security issues.

7. Ongoing Optimization
Throughout your campaign, our SEO team will ensure that new pages or content fit seamlessly into the existing strategy. When necessary, new keywords will be researched, added, and tracked.

8. Reporting
Our user-friendly reporting system generates a complete report on your campaign every month, so you can track your site’s increased rankings, traffic, and much, much more!

The Benefits of Full-Service SEO Marketing

We offer full-service SEO marketing programs. For most clients, we are hands-on, implementing our SEO efforts directly on our client’s websites. You do not need to pass our work on to a web designer or IT team. For corporations needing all content to be monitored and approved, we can work directly with your production team to integrate our SEO recommendations. We share what we know and we have no secrets, and will explain the particulars behind the work we execute.
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💫 What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about organic search engine visibility. It is the process of optimizing a website and online directories to better meet the high standards of search engines and in turn, increase organic keyword rankings.

💫 What does SEO entail?

The process is often split into two categories: content optimization and technical SEO. First, written website content is optimized for keyword rankings, and new content is created as necessary. Afterward, technical aspects of the website are addressed often with the help of a web developer. The strategy and approach evolved over the lifetime of the campaign.

💫 What's the difference between SEO and Paid Advertising?

On Google, paid advertisements appear at the top of most search results, and each click on an advertisement costs the advertiser money. Conversely, SEO is about growing the organic rankings beneath the advertisements where clicks don’t cost money. For this reason, the average cost-per-lead is typically much lower for SEO than for paid advertising.

💫 Is a one-time website optimization enough for SEO?

SEO works best when performed on an ongoing basis. While you may see some benefit from a one-time website optimization, SEO requires regular maintenance to ensure success. The SEO team must analyze past results and adapt to new algorithm updates in order to ensure ongoing ranking improvements.

💫 How long does it take for SEO to generate results?

Most SEO experts will agree that it takes at least 6 months to start seeing significant traction from optimization work. However, preliminary results from a strong SEO strategy are commonly seen within 30 – 60 days. Ultimately, SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.

Local SEO Marketing Services

Founded in 1998, and fully Launched in 2011, Your Social Media Experts is one of the most experienced SEO firms in the U.S.
We have been around longer than Google.

🌌 We offer a high-performance SEO program ideal for businesses seeking local SEO help. What separates a local SEO campaign from a national or international campaign is the intense focus placed on gaining local-based keyword rankings. Local SEO is essential for all companies, but especially critical for businesses that focus exclusively on a local community.

🌌 Local SEO offers a strategic advantage that allows local businesses the opportunity to outrank non-local competitors. Without a local SEO emphasis, websites will struggle to be found by prospects seeking help from businesses within their own community.

🌌 Your Social Media Experts', address all key areas of local SEO: (1) Content optimization, (2) Technical SEO, and (3) Business citations and inbound links. Through mastery of these three key SEO components, we help our clients gain strong search engine rankings for critical search phrases in the communities they serve. We can build the SEO strategy and execute the plan while remaining remarkably affordable.
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Your Social Media Experts' finely-tuned SEO campaigns can get your national or eCommerce business humming!
🌌 With more than 20 years of experience as an SEO company, Your Social Media Experts knows what it takes to get your website ranked nationally so you can outsell your competition in even the toughest of markets. As a business owner, you get a dedicated account manager who will make tailored recommendations based on the unique nature and goals of your business. Then we begin your campaign by using our sophisticated, time-tested keyword research to optimize up to 10 pages of your website and provide recommendations for best SEO results. We may recommend additional content for optimal on-page keyword density. Google loves good content, and by writing it for you out of the gate, we give you an edge over your competitors and allow your campaign to get off to a hot start. Like all of our SEO services, our national SEO campaigns also include optimization of your Google My Business (GMB) listings and link building, so customers can find your website wherever they’re looking.

🌌 From there, our reporting service breaks down exactly how many ranking spots you’ve gained each month, as well as new keywords you rank for and other useful data. As the campaign progresses and your business grows, we monitor your site’s SEO performance and make adjustments where needed to maintain your success. All of this is backed by an industry-leading performance guarantee and a robust, experienced team of professionals that no other digital marketing firm can match!
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Industry Leading Corporate SEO Services – Founded in 1998, we are one of the most experienced SEO companies in the world.
🌌 With over 20 years of continuous operation as an elite SEO provider, Your Social Media Experts is one of the most experienced and capable Corporate SEO companies in the world. Founded in
1998, and Launched in 2011 we are older than Google. We manage enterprise-level, corporate SEO campaigns for some of the most competitive industries. Our portfolio includes Hewlett Packard, Arm & Hammer, Kraft Foods, AlphaGraphics, Signarama, Mars, the Air National Guard, and other well-known businesses and organizations.

Benefits of a Corporate-Caliber SEO Provider
What are the benefits of choosing an experienced corporate SEO firm? Many... As an SEO firm that caters to corporate SEO campaigns, we understand the professionalism and complexities involved that separates you from traditional business. Our campaigns are designed to blend in with your IT, traditional marketing, branding, and product development teams. We can also off-load considerable expenses by reducing your need for additional staff. Your Social Media Experts will quickly become a valued members of your team. Your team members will benefit from the knowledge we pass on to them, helping to boost the performance of all online communications and digital media.

Depth of Knowledge
Your Social Media Experts provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge for SEO and other digital marketing strategies. We are a highly technical team, capable of identifying the root cause of poor search engine and web visitor performance, and the successes of competitor corporate SEO programs.

We fix issues that other SEO firms cannot identify, and produce measurable results much more rapidly. Your Social Media Experts will quickly become a valued members of your team. Your team members will benefit from the knowledge we pass on to them, helping to boost the performance of all digital media.
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Corporate SEO Tasks

Prelaunch & Planning
COMPANY INTERVIEW & DISCOVERY: Formal meeting to identify corporate goals, and priorities, gain industry insight, meet team members, discuss communications channels, outline competitors, and begin to form the plan of action moving forward.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: Identification of major competitors vying for the same digital marketplace. Data gathering to include (1) competitor search engine visibility, (2) search targets, (3) digital market share, and other factors like AdWords activity or the quality of their SEO execution.

SEO INFRASTRUCTURE EVALUATION: Identification of on-site and off-site technical issues that could hinder SEO progress. Includes link quality evaluation, website crawling, Google Panda & Penguin penalties, Robots.txt, metadata, etc. Development of action items to be addressed.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC FLOW/CONVERSIONS: Recommendations, if needed, to improve sales lead conversion rates and the overall user experience. KEYWORD RESEARCH: Keyword discovery to identify target search phrases for search engine optimization. Keyword research will fuel on-site content optimization.

SEO TRAINING: Target team members involved in the creation of digital content, including PR, blogging, web page creation, video, and social media. This key training session will help make all digital content perform better online.

REFERRALS: We have relationships with many fantastic digital partners. If your company is seeking a well-vetted referral for a service that we cannot provide, we can offer credible matchmaking.

Campaign Launch

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION: Page-by-page content optimization based on keyword research. Products/services identified as a priority will be addressed first. Minimum of 15 pages through the first month and 10 pages thereafter. Includes page title tag, meta description tag, and bulk content. Professionally crafted and sensitive to regulatory considerations impacting the medical, cosmetic, financial, and other industries.

CONTENT CREATION: Creation of two new content pieces per month. This content piece can be an article, blog, or web page depending on the needs of the company and the campaign. Content marketing can be used to expand service pages, target critical keywords not supported by the website, add targeted
city pages, on-topic blog dialogue, etc.

REPUTATION MONITORING/CONSULTING: We monitor your online reputation daily. If negative information is released, we can advise and help develop a strategy to best combat it.

SCHEMA MARKUP: For supporting CMS’, the addition of schema.org structured data markup in Google - recommended JSON-LD format.

LINK BUILDING, DIRECTORIES, NAP: White-hat link building and business directory submissions. Our network reaches 250+ top US-based business directories, online yellow pages, and GPS systems.
Includes all major directories including superpages.com, manta.com, merchantcircle.com, and Apple Siri.

In addition to creating quality, clean inbound links, it will also clean up NAP data (Name, Address, Phone) which benefits local SEO and Google Places performance.

SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS: Website submissions to the top 50 US-based search engines and search directories. In addition to the major engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it also includes Open Directory Project, the Jayde network, 7 Search, and other networks.

LOCAL SEO: Creation and/or optimization of Google Places, Bing & Yahoo Local listings for up to five locations. Additional locations can be added at $30 per location.

XML SITEMAPS: Creation of XML sitemaps to ensure thorough search engine BOT indexing. Submission of sitemaps to search engines.

DATA INTELLIGENCE: Observation of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and search demand trends. Providing information concerning when trends or anomalies are identified and site statistics information to help plan, inform, and strategize. We will set up and install these resources if they do not already exist.

SEARCH ENGINE ADAPTATIONS: Google averages 500 search adjustments per year. For most major changes, we know in advance that they are coming. We implement as-needed adjustments to the campaign to compensate for changes made or changes coming.

Reporting & Communications

MONTHLY SEO SERVICE RANKING REPORTS: Keyword ranking report showing current keyword rankings for relevant keywords across the major US-based search engines. Campaign updates
discussing progress and campaign details.

MONTHLY REVIEW MEETING: Formal meeting to discuss the progress of the campaign, prioritize for the next month, collaborate, answer questions, and provide data intelligence.

QUARTERLY STRATEGY & DATA INTELLIGENCE MEETING: In-depth quarterly meetings to discuss website traffic trends, user behavior, product search demand, conversion rates, and other details. Development of a revised corporate SEO strategy, re-prioritization of goals and tasks, and other adjustments can be discussed and pursued.

DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING: Digital marketing recommendations & advice per request. With over 20 years of experience, we can answer most of your internet marketing questions.


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